//Genuine BMW X5 Hood & Trunk Emblems (2 Pieces)

Genuine BMW X5 Hood & Trunk Emblems (2 Pieces)


These Emblem/sRoundels are Genuine Replacements for the BMW X3/X5 with Original Part Number 51-14-8-132-375.
Hood Emblem is 82mm. Trunk emblem is 74mm in size.

Shipping is Available Worldwide. Please Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery depending on your location.


Product Description

Application: Emblem has two pins on the back side that make attachment very easy.

Emblem does not come with grommets. You may be able to use your old ones depending on their condition.

About the BMW X5

The BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by BMW. The first generation of the X5, with the chassis code E53, made its debut in 1999. It was BMW’s first SUV, also known as “Four-by-Four” (4×4) in the UK, which featured all-wheel drive and was available with either manual or automatic transmission. In 2006, the second generation X5 was launched, known internally as the E70, featuring the torque-split capable xDrive all-wheel drive system mated to an automatic transmission, and in 2009 the X5 M performance variant was released as a 2010 model.

BMW is a top class maker of high-end vehicles that showcase great handling at high-speeds. On the quest for dependability, BMW is a great choice for all consumers, who is known as a manufacturer of highly reliable automobiles. Vehicles such as the BMW X3/X5 are intended to maintain proper upkeep and to be serviced periodically. To maintain the quality of your BMW E31, it's critical to use only the best names in new OEM auto parts. The BMW X3/X5 was assembled using the best tools and parts; that;s why you should select replacement parts with similar quality. Often, BMW E31 Emblems are used for artistic purposes. A BMW X3/X5 Emblem is typically made with a silver, gold or chrome coating and can be maintained with simple polishing and cleaning. A missing BMW X3/X5 Emblem can be replaced with a brand new emblem that signifies the make and model of a car. Even though it is not major element of the vehicle, the BMW X3/X5 Emblem should nonetheless be preserved in good condition. It's not as important as the car's suspension but the BMW X3/X5 Emblem allows the car to look it's absolute best while on the road.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 cm


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